Icepak Tips

How to include solar loading in an Icepak model? The solar loading can directly be modeled beginning in ANSYS Icepak. Here is the procedure: Enable Solar Loading from Basic Parameters / General Adv


Introduction The key to reliable operation is ensuring that the temperature limits of components are not exceeded. Usually a component will have two different temperature limits, the recommended maxi


高功率LED发光效率进展飞速,相对也带来更严苛的散热挑战,由于从晶片、封装、基板至系统各层级环环相扣,因此须逐一克服难关才能真正符合市场的散热要求,其中FR4基板将為大势所趋;系统可透过关键元件改善散热难题,进而实现高可靠度、长寿命的LED灯具。 发光二极体(LED)具备轻薄、省电、环保、点亮反应快、长寿命等特点,加上在成本续降之下,光输出与功率仍不断提升,促使LED照明的市场接受度与日俱增,从

Tips about using Layer in Creo

A layer in Pro/E represents a model entities grouping (ex: features, datum planes or axes.) The layers are used to administer the entities in a model, assembly or drawing in Pro/E. Several entities ca